Saturday, January 11, 2014

The week ahead: Asian, Fouladi Projects, Creativity Explored

Camille Holvoet at Creativity Explored: Camille Holvoet has worked at CE for 12 years making brightly-colored, desirous cakes, and cross-eyed smiling figures in oil pastels and other media. This past year, she created a series of astounding and provocative self-portraits. The background of these drawings include scrawled narrative text and blunt statements of the artist’s desires. While cheerful at first glance, these commanding graphic works also reveal Holvoet's experiences of living in mental institutions, frustrated sexuality, and vivid memories of childhood.

Mike (of Civic Center blog fame) brings his inimitable commentary to a brief discussion of the Joeseon Dynasty exhibit as it enters its last day at the Asian - with a well deserved shout out to the Asian's fine docents:

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A Cuban In London said...

Such a beautiful picture to welcome me back from hibernation. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Namastenancy said...

I love Camille's work - so bright and colorful. It's amazing what she does. Sometimes I am jealous but then, I think of what she has had to deal with and then, I am even more amazed at her talent.