Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let us celebrate the birthday of Rufino Tamayo


August 26, 1899. Rufino Tamayo (August 26, 1899 - June 24, 1991) was a Mexican painter of Zapotec heritage, born in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. Tamayo was active in the mid-20th century in Mexico and New York, painting figurative abstraction with surrealist influences.

 Children's Games

After the Mexican Revolution, Tamayo devoted himself to creating an identity in his work. Tamayo expressed what he believed was the traditional Mexico, and refused to make overtly political works,
Moon and Sun

Tamayo was one of the first artists to utlize a new type of printed artwork called “mixografía.” Mixografía consisted of artwork printed on paper, but with depth and texture. One of his most famous mixografía was titled Dos Personajes Atacados por Perros or (“Two Characters Attacked by Dogs”).

Tres Personajes, the 1970 painting stolen over twenty years ago and featured on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow was found on a New York City street by New Yorker, Elizabeth Gibson, out for her morning coffee. Ms. Gibson noticed and rescued the painting from between garbage bags set out for morning collection, unaware that it had any significance until much later. “I know nothing of modern art but it didn’t seem right for any piece of art to be discarded like that,” she said.
The painting was purchased for 1.1 million dollars at auction.

Moon Dog




Obituary from NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/1991/06/25/obituaries/rufino-tamayo-a-leader-in-mexican-art-dies-at-91.html

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