Tuesday, July 28, 2015


"Amy is a film that makes you feel culpable, but it also stirs up waves of sympathy, of a desire to protect her and, also, an anger at those in her life who – you feel – could have done so much more to save her. This extends to pretty much everyone with whom she had a professional relationship (oh yes, and Blake Fielder-Civil). “It brought out the worst of a lot of people in her life,” says Kapadia. “If one looks carefully, there are lots of people who make lots of decisions or who were aware of one thing – whether it was the drinking, the bulimia, or the drugs – and nobody stopped it. That’s what the film is really about. It’s pretty heavy. You can’t quite imagine what it’s like when they’re in the film. To go through it all again, it’s really tough. There’s certain people who just can’t watch the second half."


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