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Cornelis or Cornelius Ketel. Born on this day in 1548

Woman Aged 56 painted in 1594.
March 18, 1548. Cornelis or Cornelius Ketel (March 18, 1548 – August 8, 1616) was a Dutch Mannerist painter, working in Elizabethan London from 1581to the 17th century. Although he is now known as a portrait painter, he was also a poet, orator and sculptor.
Adam Wachendorff, a merchant of the Steelyard, London, 1574

Sir Martin Frobisher, 1577

Thomas Pead, 1578. The skull is inscribed "Respice finem".

"Together with Pieter Pietersz, Ketel was the leading portraitist in Amsterdam for many years, and one of the generation of Dutch portrait-painters whose increasingly sophisticated work laid the foundations for their much more famous successors. Whereas in England portraits in oils remained mostly confined to the court and gentry, in the Netherlands they were already common among the prosperous mercantile classes. Ketel lived near Oude Kerk, where he bought in 1593 a house on the so-called "Velvet Canal."

 "Both Ketel and Pietersz developed an Amsterdam style often marked by depicting sitters "very close to the picture plane, from an unusual angle, and cropped closely by the frame” ...Ketel seems to have kept a stock of drawings of poses, from which a patron might choose, and which could be worked up by studio assistants without the sitter's presence being required. Van Mander records that around 1600 he at times discarded his brush and painted directly with his fingers, and even developed the trick of painting with his feet and toes—presumably just for short periods. This may have been to amuse himself and his sitters, to relieve boredom. An alternative, perhaps more likely, explanation, is that he was forced to do so by a progressive paralysis, perhaps arthritic, which finally completely overcame him by 1610–1613 "   

From Wikipedia:

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