Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maternal Lineage

Maternal Lineage, 8 12” x 11”, 16 pages, collage, paint, ink and color pencil on Japanese paper

In this book, I try to combine two of my interests – small-altered books and mythology, particularly the Goddess. Much of my personal work is an attempt to reconnect in my imagination the sacred aspects of the Goddess, the spiritual mother of the feminine in all Western religions. The cycles of the seasons, rituals, and symbolic images – all have been stripped of their meaning. This piece is made with a pre-constructed accordion book, collage, found images, symbols of birth, death, time, loss and connection to try to evoke a dialogue (unconscious or not) in the psyche. Long before the patriarchal gods of the Greeks or the Gold of the Old Testament, the power of the Goddess was the power that humans looked up to and worshiped. The power of the Goddess is not the romantic or pastel colored. She can be dark and cruel, her mysteries profound and encompassing life and death, creation and destruction. Each page of the book contains traditional Goddess images along with more abstract pieces. It is certainly far beyond the power of one small book to contain, explain and evoke all of her aspects but I think of it as a Psalter for one hour in one day of the service that we owe her.

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tangobaby said...

This looks like a beautiful and heartfelt piece of work. Thank you for sharing.