Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Public Sculpture in SF

I had just gotten back from a walk through the Embarcadero to photograph the sculptures there when I read the article at SF Gate:

"Heads up, literally: A new plaza is premiering in downtown San Francisco with artwork that is anything but corporate and slick

The location is the open space alongside 555 Mission, a 34-story office tower developed by Tishman Speyer. The nearly complete high-rise is slick green glass, but the artwork is something else: "Moonrise Sculptures: March, October, and December" by Ugo Rondinone, an enormous trio of mottled aluminum heads that are like goofy cousins to Edvard Munch's "The Scream."

I can't resist pointing out that while one's opinion of the art work might differ from mine, this is yet ANOTHER missed opportunity for the developers to patronize a Bay Area artist. Why is it that when the "glittering prizes" of public art commissions, museum shows and patronage are passed out, eveybody looks outside the Bay Area. We must might have some good sculptures here but I guess we won't see them at this plaza.

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Chris Rusak said...

Here here! For the Bay Area to truly become a major arts hub, we do need to work stronger as a city to use the infrastructure to boosts artists who reside here.

I would hate to just be a West Wing for NYC, or a north corridor for LA.

While I think SF has just as much crap art as any other locale, I feel as if the high quality work here often gets second shelf to the more over-the-edge stuff that fits the general weirdness that can be SF.

Anyhow, if nothing else, these is more sculpture than there was yesterday, and at least it's not been otherwise used for something ridiculous, like another corporate coffee commerical facade.