Thursday, February 19, 2009

Patrick Dougherty at Civic Center

Ever wonder what’s up at the plaza in front of City Hall? Artist Patrick Dougherty has been working on his woven tree sculptures for the last month or so. The site-specific piece is beginning to blossom and it’s well worth a visit.

There’s a great essay on him up at Venetian Red:
and a three part photo essay with commentary at Mike’s Civic Center Blog
Plus another nice piece from Marisa Nakasone, art reviewer for the Examiner:


tangobaby said...

Oh my goodness! I have to get over there and see this! Thank you for the head's up!


Zoomie said...

Looks like a good excuse to come into the city! As soon as My Beloved is better, shall we plan a lunch and a stroll through the trees?