Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MFA Shows around the bay

and for a story far more important than the art du jour, go to Tango Baby's blog and read the story of one homeless woman and her children, fleeing from domestic abuse and finding no room at the inn:
I don't like to get on my soap box too much on this blog because I want it to be about the art scene in the Bay Area. But it has seemed to me for years that something is seriously wrong in our culture when professional athletes and professional politicians make millions (heck, billions) while millions go hungry, when Wall Street theft is rewarded with buy outs and bonuses and war criminals go unpunished while children beg for food on the street. Julie (the owner of the blog) has done a fabulous job of getting resources for this lady and maybe even a bit of publicity on TV but the problem (as we know) is much wider than that. I don't have all the answers except to encourage all of us to be responsible voters, be generous to people and to work toward creative solutions.

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tangobaby said...

Thank you so much, namastenancy. The more people that know about this story, the more help we can get for this little family.

I greatly appreciate your being a part of the plan to help!