Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beautiful Day around the Bay

Organic sculpture at the Civic Center: read more about it at Civic Center and Venetian Red
Calligraphy show at the Main Library - read earlier review in my blog
Villancourt Fountain - an art critic's nightmare but fun for tourists and kits on skateboards.


Zoomie said...

I loved Herb Caen's description of that fountain - something about a mess left by a large, cement dog - but more cleverly said, of course. It's an eyesore in my view and should be removed for a much nicer one.

namastenancy said...

Oh yeah - it's god -awful ugly. But little kids were wading in the shallows, other kids were climbing in and around the stairs and the pool made a lot of birds happy. I decided to withhold my artistic distaste for the piece because it was making so many kids so very happy.