Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open Studios- First Weekend

When I picked up the Art Span catalogue, I went looking for the listings for Belcher Street, one of my favorite places to visit, only to find that the building has been sold and the artists booted out. Here's a loud boo to the "new owners" who evicted a thriving art colony and a hope that they find new spaces and appreciative customers. It's a sad sign of the times that so many art spaces in this neighborhood have closed in the last year - Reeves Gallery and Bucheon to name two. They are still doing business on line but it's not the same as having a physical space. I know that these are signs of the times; all across the country, artists and art spaces and places have been hit hard. We seem to be the first to feel the pain and the last to receive even a penny when the economy recovers. I chant my mantra, Ars Longa, Vita Brevis, and hope for better times. In the meantime, get out there and support your local artists. These artists are all in new spaces and the Art Span website has listings for dozens more artists who are showing this first weekend in October:

Tracy Grubbs: Landscape
Carlo Abruzzese:
Julie Alland:
Peikwen Cheng:
Paul Ferney:
Tracy Taylor Grubbs:
Paul O'Valle:
William Salit:
Rebecca Szeto:
Chris Wiedman:

Liz at Venetian Red also has a great list of first weekend picks:


Zoomie said...

I do my little bit to support artists, although not always local ones. Guess I need to give that some thought.

namastenancy said...

Yes, even buying a $5 card or a $15 print helps - maybe not so much financially but psychologically. I make the bulk of my sales in little items but I would gladly trade a card or two for another lunch at Chez Zoomie. Delicious food plus adorable dog plus the most amazing view ever = one happy artists.