Sunday, December 20, 2009

Think Global, Shop local and support your local artists.

I strongly suspect that anybody who reads this blog can't afford a fraction of the bling now on display at the Legion. As for me, I think that if I actually had twenty million dollars, I'd be ashamed to spend it on a rock to hang around my neck, no matter how shiny and glittering. I confess that I do own a tiara; it's rather tarnished now but I couldn't give it up for anything. It was given to me by my dear (now departed) friend Bobby Campbell, one of the founders of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We worked together at Davies, during the nightmare days of the first wave of the AIDS epidemic when nobody knew what to call the disease, much less how to cure it. We were on a shopping expedition to Cliff's on Castro Street - to cheer ourselves up after a long weekend stint. It was rhinestone and I think cost all of $2.99; after I previewed the show at the Legion last week I pulled it out of storage and shined the rhinestones for old time's sake. Naturally they will never glitter like the Star of South Africa but they shine for me because I remember my dear friend, his indomitable spirit and all the laughs we had together.

Many of the artists who post at BAAQ have been struggling through the recession just like the rest of us. While I'm a part of the group, I'm not promoting myself but suggesting that any of them would be more than glad to sell you a piece or two of art - toys can be broken, clothing goes out of style, today's pop song is tomorrow's trash but a good piece of art is a joy forever. Check out the names on the side bar and send them an e-mail; I'm sure that they will be glad to hear from you (if you are a sincere buyer). If anybody who reads this wants to post a link to a local shop or artist, please feel free to do so in the comments section. It goes without saying that all SPAM will be deleted. That's certainly NOT in the Christmas spirit

Greg Dewar has a ton of suggestions on local artists, local craft stores and how to shop with a conscience while getting nice things for Christmas..

Julie, who writes the blog Tangobaby and is now a member of the photo group, Caliber, also sells her photographs through Tedda Hughes on Polk St.

Cartier Tiara, 1925/image courtesy of the FAMSF

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