Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime links

Culture Grrl Takes on the New TV "Art" Reality Show
You go grrl! This sounds even worse than I feared. From her website:

Here are few excerpts from the trailer:
One artist/aspirant to another: Was there a vibrator in your piece? 
De Pury (straight faced): The vibrator changes everything. 
Rohatyn (angrily): You give performance art a bad name. [Does it usually have a good name?] 
Saltz (cuttingly): I actually don't think you are an artist. [How many great artists have heard that from the critics?]

Don't take my word about this. You can watch the trailer yourself, and see if watching judges make artists weep is something you really want to spend discretionary time with. You'll first have to endure the commercial message that precedes the trailer for the show.
More at the link:

Women at MOMA - Is this too little, too late? Or better late and incomplete than never?

Speaking of women artists - Eva Lake has a marvelous exhibit up, collages featuring a whole cast of strong, intelligent or famous (maybe not so famous) women:


Leslie said...

Frankly, I found the commercial less objectionable and more entertaining than the clip!

namastenancy said...

Everything I read about it makes me gag- and some PR person for the show sent me a whole bunch of links and clips. I decided to spare the delicate and not post them on my blog. I'm sure they will be up all over the Internet. Oh woopie!