Friday, August 12, 2011

70 Years of Archie Comics and the Green Lantern at the Cartoon Art Museum

Even though this cartoon strip came after the original creator served in WW II, it's still so very innocent and naive. Reality never intrudes in Archie's world. He may be seventy but he's still got all his hair, his freckles and hasn't gained an ounce of weight. Furthermore, he's still dithering between Betty and Veronica.

The Archie stamp features Archie sharing a chocolate shake with brunette Veronica Lodge on his right and blonde Betty Cooper on his left. Offering an idealized portrait of American adolescence, Archie existed only in comic-book form before debuting in newspapers in 1946. A typical small-town teenager with a knack for goofing things up, 17-year-old Archie Andrews is often torn between haughty Veronica and sweet Betty.

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Zoomie said...

I used to LOVE Archie comics but could never understand why he wanted V when B was so nice. My first taste of wondering what motivates men. It's still pretty much a mystery. :-)

namastenancy said...

The show is a lot of fun and seniors get in for a measly $5. The two kids on the front desk were funny as well - so very serious and yet, so very clueless. I forgot to look for the "pishing" cover where Archie proposed to Veronica. That turned out to be a merchandising ploy and a very successful one; apparently it hooked Rachael Maddow.In the museum, the contrast between the Archie comics and the much darker other comics is very pointed. I prefer the funny and the silly but I guess that story lines in other popular comic strips are a good way to reach people most affected by problems such as drugs.