Friday, December 16, 2011

Culture Grrl (aka Lee Rosenbaum ) may leave the blogsphere.

As noted here:

..."One of the parts of my edited Finnish interview that didn't make it onto the program concerned the unremunerative nature of this solo enterprise. I have just totaled my dismal take for 2011. I'll share it with you---slightly less than $1,400 (including donations and ads), for a year out of my finite professional life. What am I thinking?

Blogging has been a labor of love and it's in my blood. I believe (as I told the Finns) that it's important, and I'd like to think that CultureGrrl has been regarded as such by its devoted, sophisticated niche audience.

So here's the Grrl's last gurgle:

If 100 readers are willing to donate $20 each within the next three weeks to express appreciation for last year's edition of CultureGrrl (or if a different combination of readers and benefactions achieves the same monetary goal), I'll continue. Given the size of my audience, that's a relatively modest goal. But it seems unlikely to be realized, in light of the record so far."

She has the connections to get behind the pretty facade of many a museum and opened the doors of public scrutiny to a lot of less-than-stellar behavior. It would be a shame to lose her concerned voice and once my Paypal account recovers from a number of December charitable donations, I will put my money where my mouth is. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money give but surely somebody out there does? It's the Internet's dirty little secret - all this great information, breaking news, articles, op-ed pieces, good journalism (and bad) -but nobody is paying the writers.


Sheree Rensel said...

This is such an interesting post to me. I am no "Culture Grrl", but I relate so much. I have recently had an awakening. I ran my "Git Outta My Face Gallery" online for two years. I organized the Twitter 140 show. Both were successful and offered artists opportunities. I bank rolled everything. Then, there is my blog (660 posts worth). I recently started asking myself "WHY DO I PUT SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY INTO ALL THIS STUFF, but get so little in return." For years, I didn't care. I care now. I have to do something to support myself and my art. This sounds selfish, but it is time for me to be selfish. You know?

namastenancy said...
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namastenancy said...

The lack of remuneration for journalists is what is going to kill real on-line newspapers and decent investigative journalism. I understand the need to be selfish when your finances are on the line. If I didn't have a pension and be old enough to collect SS, I wouldn't be doing this for free either