Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jay DeFeo and the SF Giants

Although Jay DeFeo was teaching at the SFAI when I went there, I was too intimidated, as well as young and dumb, to have many conversations with her. But I did know that she was a fan; I seem to remember her wearing an orange and black t-shirt to class. When I asked somebody about it, I was lectured about the importance of the team.

What did I know? I was new in town.

She would be over the moon with joy at the Giants win and out at first light to get a front view seat at the parade. SFMOMA was planning a press preview of her work tomorrow but has cancelled it due to the parade.

Jay would approve. 

Here she is (on the top fire escape) flying a banner for the home team out of her Fillmore Street apartment while The Rose (1958–66) is removed via forklift for transport to the Pasadena Art Museum.  Photo: Moss Photography

Jasper Johns and Jay DeFeo

For the first time in 35 years, a 60-year, career-spanning overview of Jasper Johns' work touches down in San Francisco. Get a glimpse of the city's rich holdings of his work and take note of the contemporary artist's particular fascination with the Bay Area. While you're downtown, make time for the first retrospective of Bay Area artist Jay DeFeo, including her 2,000-pound masterpiece The Rose.
When: Sat. 11/3–Sun. 2/3/13
Where: SFMOMA, 151 Third St. 


Fun series of posts about baseball from the Asian Art Museum's blog (my favorite bedside reading): http://www.asianart.org/blog/?s=baseball&submit.x=47&submit.y=10

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