Thursday, April 18, 2013

Commemorating the 1906 Earthquate

We did gather at Lotta's Fountain, but there was a bomb scare (Market St. was blocked off) and we had to find an alternate spot pronto; which was why Union Square was just fine! We improvised and our spirits were high - even mine at that ungodly hour!

For the first time, there was no survivor present to commemorate the day. There are at least three known 1906 quake survivors, and one of them, 107-year-old Winnie Hook of San Jose, was scheduled to show up Thursday morning. But at the last minute, it was decided she was too fragile to travel to the city, said event organizer Lee Houskeeper.

Ten minutes after the final notes of "San Francisco" faded, Police Chief Greg Suhr announced that the suspicious package on Market Street turned out to be a suitcase full of clothes. That freed up him and a half-dozen others to troop back to Lotta's Fountain to wedge the annual memorial wreath into the neo-Victorian sculptural filigree on top.


Zoomie said...

Do you go every year? Such a San Francisco tradition! How many others were there this year. I'm sorry the survivors couldn't make it this year - who knows if they will come ever again?

nancy namaste said...

I have gone almost every year since I moved to SF but I didn't want to miss this year for sure. I figure that the 3 1906 survivors won't be with us much longer and I was looking forward to them being them -but fully understand why they didn't come. It's very emotional and awesome to be singing "San Francisco, open your Golden Gate" at that ungodly hour of the morning. I always tear up because, for all it's problems, I think that SF is a very special place. Every year we lose a little bit more of what made it so special!