Saturday, July 27, 2013

Owen, the cat who rules Aardvark.

Owen is the current bookstore cat at my local bookstore. They have gone through a number of cats since I have lived in the neighborhood. Their first was "Henry the Ripper," called because he channeled the spirit of Jack the Ripper, peeing, pooping and being generally destructive. He was protected by two of the women who worked here but he was not a friendly spirit.

Ace was next and while he was OK, he wasn't particularly friendly.

Owen is the 3rd of the cats to preside over the bookstore and not only is he the friendliest, he's probably the most beautiful. Henry was a mangy black cat whose looks were not improved by his hostile personality. Ace and Owen are both marmalade cats with the most beautiful golden eyes.

I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the book store and found Owen curled up in somebody's lap, being loved, adored and giving love in return.

Owen has walked by me and looked up with those big beautiful eyes, obviously not understanding why I don't pick him up. Unfortunately he doesn't understand that I am allergic and I don't, alas, speak cat. But I love seeing him around the store, sleeping in the window or curled up in somebody's lap. He's the presiding god of the only second hand book store left in the area.Maybe that's why it's survived. The tiny cat god is protecting his domain. (*photo by Lynn Valente)

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