Saturday, August 10, 2013

View from Seattle

I am out of the city for a week for a family reunion and a wedding. Washington State is absolutely gorgeous even though it's too hot for me. This is the view from my motel window. A beautiful finger of Puget Sound, right outside my balcony...and all for a reasonable price.

My niece was married at her new husband's family home, built by the grandfather from 1963 on. The home overlooks Pulsbo, a old fishing town, again on Puget Sound. Watching her being given away by my brother was emotional as I remember her as a darling little baby crawling around on the floor. Now she's a beautiful young woman, as are my other nieces.

But I still can't believe that I am old enough to have three great nephews and three great nieces.

My nieces and nephews much have been child brides and grooms. No way am I that old!


AphotoAday said...

Glad you had some fair weather for your trip. Usually they have rain day after day, month after month... And congratulations--I'm sure you will soon have a new crop of rug-rats to call you their favorite aunt.

Zoomie said...

I know that feeling of wonder at being old enough for all those good things to have happened... :-) Lovely area of the country, isn't it?