Saturday, September 14, 2013

New art at Chez Nancy

I don't remember how Donald Kinney's photos came to my attention but once I "discovered" him, I started following his blog on a daily basis.

When I had the chance, I invited him to SF to see the Gary Winogrand show at SFMOMA. Getting into shows "free" is one of the privileges of a press pass and one which I am very glad to share with my friends.

Later on, he asked me to help him with hanging his show at the Marin County Public Library. The work was spectacular - not in a gaudy, three ring circus way, but in a thoughtful and almost mystical way, showing not only that he is a skilled photographer but that he approaches his subject with the utmost sensitivity.

Some lovely photos and a write up here by local blogger Mike Strickland:

I had known for some time that I wanted to buy a photograph from him but it was so difficult to choose. I liked everything and I waffled between one of his black and white photos or one of his lovely colored photos. I finally decided on the one above which now lives at Chez Nancy.

When he delivered the work to my apartment, he also photographed it. So I had a double gift - the art work and now, the photos of my place which make it look so much better than it really is. But that is what a good photographer does - distill the essence of a place down to the simplest but most eloquent images.

Command central - the computer where I "live" a lot of the time. The computer is my link to the world, the way I write and the way that I keep in touch with all the people that I have met and all the things that I want to do. Maybe this is not the most elegant image but it resonates with me.

Kwan Yin and "Misty Morn." I told Donald that the photo reminded me of the Maxfield Parrish prints that my grandparents had in their house. He had never heard of Parrish but I think they share the same romantic vision of nature, impeccable craftsman ship and the same sense of color. I told him that all he needed was a pseudo-Greek temple on the seashore and a line of dancing nymphs. He promised to work on it.

"Orpheus Ascending" - one of my pieces that I kept when I closed my studio. I sold much of my work for rock bottom prices but I knew that this piece was too good to sell for my bargain basement prices.

Donald was even able to make my cluttered (but organized!) work space look visually interesting. It's pretty obvious that I don't have stylish containers for my stuff but it works just fine. I think it gives me the appropriate artist street cred.

Then there are the books. Books, books and more books. This is a fraction of what I have. I swear that books breed in the night. I have gotten rid of so many and yet, there are still many more.



Is it possible to have too many books? I really don't think so but the urge to simplify my life keeps nagging at me to release a few more books to deserving homes. The books are mine but the vision is Donald's. Thank you for a lovely photograph and these fun photos of my space. If ever I have to leave San Francisco, I will cherish these photos of a place and a space which I made mine.

 All photos courtesy of Donald Kinney:


Zoomie said...

Lovely work. I went to see his show after you raved about it, but arrived a week late. Bummer! I'll check out his website instead.

Namastenancy said...

He puts up new work on a daily basis plus his commentary is very very good. I think he is too modest about his talent and am trying to get him to send his portfolio around to a couple of galleries.

Zoomie said...

I'm quite surprised he's not already represented by a gallery. His work is beautiful and easily saleable, too. He might send to a Marin gallery or two?

Namastenancy said...

I am encouraging him-he should be represented.

Michael Strickland said...

Good choice of Kinney photograph. It's one of my favorites too. And Donald seems more invested in the art than the business of the Art Biz, because Zoomie is right. His work is beautiful, easily sellable, and has a certain aura about it that is amazing.