Thursday, April 17, 2014

'SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot,' opening Saturday at the Oakland Museum of California

Yesterday it was the timeless art of Byzantium; today's post is about the uber-trendy pop art of Pan-Asian culture (here today and gone tomorrow). It's the equivalent of the "Hello Kitty" dolls - fun for one look but unless you are a teenager, fascinated by manga and Asian actors, here today and gone tomorrow.

Barry McGee did the first cover and if any of my readers remember what I thought of McGee's self proclaimed "outlaw outsider status," you will have a good idea of my opinion of this exhibit. It's fun, colorful, will bring in the crowds. Kids will have a blast and the museum will make some money. It's the new trend in museum shows - market to the lowest common denominator and keep your fingers crossed that those whose exposure to art has been limited to comic books, t-shirts and colorful plastic robotic toys will come back later to enjoy older - and more challenging - artistic culture.

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