Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Roads of Arabia' explores the Arabian peninsula's ancient past.

A new exhibit "Roads of Arabia," now showing at the Asian Art Museum displays a treasure trove of items from the Arabian peninsula's largely unknown pre-Islamic past, some of which dates back to the beginnings of human history.

The objects on display may radically transform our understanding of the history of that now barren wasteland, still largely closed to Westerners. Although the exhibit is not lacking in beauty, “Roads of Arabia” is an archaeological and historical exhibition, rather than an art show.

In 2009, Australian scholar David Kennedy used Google Earth to identify almost 2,000 unexplored archaeological sites. He was able to focus attention on the battle between the powerful Saudi Arabian clergy for the destruction of that heritage and the determination of the  Saudi Arabian monarchy to protect that inheritance.

more at: http://www.examiner.com/article/roads-of-arabia-explores-the-arabian-peninsula-s-ancient-past

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nancy namaste said...

While I was at the press preview, I noticed (who could miss) that nobody asked any awkward questions about the sponsor (Exxon oil) or about Saudi Arabia's policy on archaeological ruins left by the Christians and Jews who did live on the peninsula prior to all being expelled or murdered by Islam. There were no questions as to why it's taken so long for the Saudi Arabian government to respond to saving their pre-Islamic heritage or why that heritage has been bulldozed over in Mecca and Medina. We were all very respectful - but still an excellent show worth viewing.