Monday, December 15, 2014

Party On! The BAM/PFA celebrates their last show at the old concrete building.

I have trudged up the hill to this concrete block of a building more times than I care to remember. Figuring out the Berkeley bus system has been a challenge, not helped by the usual surly bus driver or Berkeley's confusing bus schedules.

Some people like the space. I hate it - it's cold, difficult to mount shows in with gray walls that suck the life out of art and acoustics that allow the least whisper to boomerang around the hollow circle until your ears ring.

But the shows have been intriguing, interesting and even when a failure, more of a success than many a more "successful" but boring show in a mainstream museum or gallery.

I won't miss the old concrete barn and am looking forward to the party of all parties to end her tenure on the right note:

John King weighs in on the museum, pointing out (rightly) that the huge concrete space dwarfed many shows (i.e. Whistler's exquisite prints of Venice and London):

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