Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lu Chuntao and 'Mind Traveling' at the Chinese Culture Center

For 50 years, the Chinese Culture Center has been building bridges between East and West, mostly through the medium of art. Tucked into a corner of of the Chinatown Hilton, their physical space is small but their ideas and influence are enormous, To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Center is presenting new work by Lu Chuntao, one of China's new generation of painters who use traditional means to create art that pushes the boundaries of ink, brush and paper.

Lu Chuntao was born in Shanghai and started as a traditional Chinese painter. He went through several stages as an artist before arriving at his current series of “Lotus Ponds.” The lotus is a far more powerful symbol in Chinese art than it is in Western paintings - a symbol of purity, enlightenment, a wish for offspring and one of the Eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune. More at...


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