Saturday, August 8, 2015

International Cat Day

It's International Cat Day today. And every other day of the year as well as far as they are concerned. Here’s a note of thanks for my friend Linda and all the volunteers who feed and take care of the numerous feral cats in the SF Bay Area. If you love cats, look into helping out by finding a rescue group near your home. Or adopt a cat from the numerous ones at animal shelters. Cherish your four legged friends. It’s not only good karma, it’s the right thing to do.

is the purrfect day to download created by the .

Compilation of the Webs Finest!: - News - ArchivesOn International World Cat Day...
Did you know the ancient Egyptian word for 'cat' was 'miw’?!

 The cat-goddess Bastet, daughter of Re, Egypt 715-343 BC. Bronze statue. #InternationalCatDay

A compilation of the coolest cats on the Internet:

36 Cat Facts for International Cat Day

Let's not kid ourselves. Cat cafes are nothing new!

Did you know Amsterdam has a museum entirely devoted to cats?
For InternationalCatDay, here are 10 great pictures of cats and books: 

All animal rights:

We'll leave you with this classic from the archives for International Cat Day: Henry's Cats … 

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