Friday, September 18, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt National Park

Wagon in town outside the entrance of the park

Surviving cabin; the larger cabin that TR stayed in burned down 

 Inside of cabin

Prairie Dog Village

Across one of the valleys
Wild horses

My camera is just not good enough to do justice to this wilderness. At certain spots, we could see the Little Missouri River winding in the distance. I got several shots of buffalo but they are too blurry and distant to post. It was about 100 degrees and the terrain looked impossibly rough and impassable. I can't imagine how TR rode all over this part of the country but he did. Bully for him! Bravo that he managed to have it made into a national park and forced Congress to set aside even more land for parks - as threatened now as they were during TR's time.

And even more bully for the settlers who managed to somewhat tame the land  - although that came at the expense of the Indians who had have been here for millennia. I admire the settlers' courage and stamina - esp after we crossed the rest of North Dakota which was hotter than Hades and flatter than a pancake. But what happened to the American Indian always colors my viewpoint of our settling of the American West.

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