Saturday, December 5, 2015

Carry on, bake on, sing on, decorate on..

Throughout these last months with all the death and destruction around us, I didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t sound shallow. I feel lucky to be 70 (soon to be 71) and to have a modest income that covers my modest needs, decent health, friends and family and places to go if life gets too hard. But that also doesn’t speak to the suffering and the grieving that I see around me. The things that anger me seem so petty when I look at the pile up of disasters facing all of us in this winter of 2015.

Then, I found this via the Internet  - not mine. I wish I wrote this well (Rachel is facing surgery and I urge everybody to go to her page, read her marvelous columns and contribute what they can) :

No matter what mysteries we face today, there are clues all around us indicating hope is near … goodness is abundant … and we are being held in loving, faithful hands.

My friends, whether we are facing small mysteries or gigantic ones … whether they’re mysteries for ourselves, our loved ones, or the world in its most troubling state, I am certain this is how we must deal. We must:

Carry on
Bake on
Sing on
Decorate on
Strum on
Praise on
Pray on
Dance on
Love on
Believe on
Twinkle on
Inhale on
Exhale on

Because when we do, our people are thankful we joined in.

Because when we do, we see, taste, and smell beautiful things we might have missed.

Because when we do, angst diminishes and hope swells.

Because when we do, the beautiful Evidence of Life becomes stronger than any troubling mystery we face.

I am a medical mystery. I face a medical mystery. But nothing will stop me from carrying on. Please join me, friends. Let’s carry on. Together, hope swells higher.

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Carla Ives said...

You're so right, Nancy! Yes, there are a lot of depressing and negative things going on in our world today. Some days, it's a challenge making it to bed that night. But unless we keep doing things that provide light, we'll succumb to it. I wholeheartedly agree with you. We need to bake on, dance on, all the rest of it you said and I'll add one more. . . knit on!