Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mr Holmes

In reading the reviews on Netflix, I am sorry to see how many people's sensibilities have been blunted by CGI, cute tricks, loud explosions and staccato dialogue in the current incarnations of Sherlock Holmes. "Mr Holmes" not a fast paced movie; quite the opposite - it's an elegy for a life coming to a close, with many regrets and yet, a moment of grace at the end. You have no illusions about the ravages of age as McKellen portrays them superbly but you also see how age can bring wisdom. Don't bother with "Mr Holmes" if you want to see clever stunts and sexual innuendo. Or if your preference is for a crude plot that bangs you over the head and ends with the most predictable of conclusions.

Our bodies do fall apart with age as do our memories - and that is presented in the movie. Maybe we have distanced ourselves so much from what age looks like that it's too painful to view. But the movie also shows tender and sometimes not so tender relationships, the loss of friends, the cost of sacrifice for one's country, loneliness and reaching out across the generations with gentle wisdom to reach and teach a younger generation. Life is like that; not full of high kicks and beautiful bodies but has both friendship and regret, successes and loss and yes, pain as we move toward our end, as Holmes does in the movie. The acting is superb, the landscapes beautiful and the story ends on a beautiful, compassionate note.

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