Monday, March 7, 2016

Bye bye to Downton

Downton Abbey is OVER - the only Victorian/Edwardian show on the networks! All the manners and other filler " The making of..." side shows, the BAFTA nonsense and the hype. Even a sweepstakes—Really? I stopped watching when they killed Matthew off (and don't write me about spoilers). That was years ago. That season wore out the last portions of my interest with it's ridiculous plot. She loves him not. NO. She loves him. He's dead. No he's alive. He's paralyzed. No, he walks - and faster than any Biblical miracle, Matthew walks, waltzes, proposes to Mary, gets married, fathers a child and is dead again. For real this time.The actor who played Matthew had no idea how he was able to come back from the dead and procreate. But it did give the show a wonderful excuse for a wedding dress.

The BAFTA awards were a gooey mush of over the top hype, although they were difficult to watch since they were broken up by pledge break after pledge break. Give me regular commercial breaks. Please. They take up less time.

 The best long running British show ever? To keep in the Victorian era, how about "Upstairs, Downstairs" which I never tired of, no matter how many seasons it ran - and it ended on a genuinely poignant moment. "The Duchess of Duke St." Or shall we mention other marvelous Masterpiece Theater shows - Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, the Jewel in the Crown. Downton was not in the same category.. but the dresses were gorgeous. And Maggie Smith was the very model of late Victorian womanhood with a quick quip for every occasion.

The recaps at the NY Times were delicious and Maggie Smith had the best part and the best dialogue of the whole show.

Posting a critique of this show on Face Book was quite illuminating. If you don't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a show, you have no reason to live. I was actually shocked at the insults and nasty comments; people seem to have forgotten how to analyze and reason their way through a TV show. I guess I should not have been surprised. Schools don't teach that anymore and people don't seem to have enough initiative to learn on their own:

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