Friday, June 10, 2016

ARC Studio and gallery, Richmond Art Center, SF Arts Commission

Dianne Hoffman, "For Which We are Best Fitted," Arc Gallery
June has arrived with the Bay Area's usual fog and an unusual cornucopia of small gallery shows. While the main focus of the media has been on the reopened SFMOMA and the name galleries opening near their location, there are many more smaller Bay Area galleries that are showing local and possibly more interesting art than the New York focused blue chip artists showing at SFMOMA and the high end galleries.

Arc Studio and Gallery in the "South of Market" area has been promoting local artists and unique art for a decade. This summer is no exception. This June, Arc opens "Some Assembly Required" which is thoughtfully arranged re-purposed assemblage. whimsically defined as the as the love child of sculpture and collage.

Terry St. John at Richmond Arts Center and more:

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