Thursday, August 18, 2016

New posters on Mkt St, Mission Sunday Streets, SECA awards & Italian festival in North Beach

It's the usual summer weekend in San Francisco- fog in the morning, a bit of clearing by the afternoon and all day festivals throughout the city. Don't miss the new San Francisco Art Commission posters on Market Street. San Francisco artist Jeff Canham draws from experiences as a vintage sign painter to recreate Market Street theater marquees from the past: "I like the idea that these posters will speak differently to the different audiences that populate Market Street," says Canham.

Block Party on Valencia St:

header courtesy of SF MOMA

The annual SFSECA awards have been announced. They can be a very mixed group artistically and since I now longer have a press pass, I will not be paying top admission prices to see what may or may not be good, but as they say, "Your Mileage May Vary."

Photo courtest of Festa Coloniale Italiana

Viva Italia (Americano that is): The SF Italian Athletic Club once again welcomes you to North Beach for the annual Festa Coloniale Italiana to celebrate the rich Italian and Italian-American heritage that has existed in San Francisco for generations.

The Festa Coloniale Italiana is hosted each year by the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club—actually their non-profit foundation—and brings together authentic Italian food, a relaxed venue, and non-stop entertainment and traffic congestion that will gridlock the whole area. Just have another glass of wine and relax. 

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