Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Caroline Herrerra - 101 years old and finally getting her due

Have women artists finally come into their own. One swallow...etc. We are still battling for that first step on the ladder and artists like Herrerra should not have to wait to turn 100 to be "noticed." Even though she's getting long over due recognition, most of the articles focus on her age, not her art. NY Times

From NPR: For most of her career, Carmen Herrera's paintings of brightly colored geometric shapes went unnoticed, while her male counterparts — Barnett Newman, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella — got plenty of attention for similar work. Herrera finally made her first sale at 89. And now, at 101, it seems she's getting her due at last. The Cuban artist's work can be seen at the Tate in London, MoMA in New York, and she has an exhibition coming to the Whitney Whitney Museum of American Art in September.

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