Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell to 2016

Die happily and look forward to taking up a new and better form. Like the sun, only when you set in the west, can you rise in the east. Rumi

Tonight at sunset walking on the snowy road,
my shoes crunching on the frozen gravel, first

through the woods, then out into the open fields
past a couple of trailers and some pickup trucks, I stop

and look at the sky. Suddenly: orange, red, pink, blue,
green, purple, yellow, gray, all at once and everywhere.

I pause in this moment at the beginning of my old age
and I say a prayer of gratitude for getting to this evening

a prayer for being here, today, now, alive
in this life, in this evening, under this sky.

(This poem is from David Budbill's 2005 collection, While We've Still Got Feet.) Website.
Found via 12/31 post on "As time goes by"

Artwork @ Nancy Ewart. Inspired by photos by Nina Savich and Elizabeth Hopkins

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Carla Ives said...

Beautiful artwork, Nancy! Yes, another year is dying and good riddance in many ways. A new year beckons. What will it bring? Sadly, only 2017 knows right now. I have hope. Happy New Year!