Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gerard Horenbout, aka The Master of James IV of Scotland.

 Great Medieval miniature. Banquet of Dives, Lazarus as leper at door (w/ rattle) and dead below. Miniature from 1510 by Gerard Horenbout,

Gerard Horenbout (c. 1465–c. 1541) was a Flemish miniaturist, a late example of the Flemish Primitives. He is "likely and widely accepted" to be the Master of James IV of Scotland.


Carla Ives said...

I have never heard of Gerard Horenbout. His paintings reflect the times he lived in. I really love his use of color. It's quite vivid but not loud or garish.

nancy namaste said...

All the colors and the paper or velum that he used were all made by hand. Can you imagine grinding and mixing all those colors?