Tuesday, August 1, 2017


August is named after the Roman emperor Augustus. It was previously known as Sextilis, meaning sixth month. This bronze head of Augustus was once part of a larger than life size statue that stood in the ancient city of Meroë, now in the north-east of modern-day Sudan. The arresting eyes of this statue are inlaid – the pupils are glass, and the irises are calcite. This statue was made between 27 and 25 BC and shows the emperor as an idealised figure with proportions based upon classical Greek ideas of the ideal human form. http://ow.ly/pugg30e2Lll


 Depiction of harvesting in the August calendar page of the Queen Mary Psalter (fol. 78v), ca. 1310.

August Falconry, Château d'Étampes

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Carla Ives said...

Great August images! The harvest piece makes sense as today is the holiday of the grain harvest, Lammas or Lunassadgh, depending on where you get the name from. The eyes on that Caesar bust are really something! They make him look almost scared. Given that his wife was the supreme poisoner in Rome, maybe so. :)