Saturday, December 2, 2017

Born on this day in 1612. David Rijckaert the Younger or David Ryckaert III

Peasant woman with her cat

So often we don’t have real dates for painters before the 20th century but this is one of the rare occasions when we do. David Rijckaert III, David Rijckaert the Younger or David Ryckaert III (2 December 1612 (baptized), Antwerp - 11 November 1661, Antwerp) was a Flemish painter known for his contribution to genre painting, in particular through his scenes of merry companies and peasants.

The Alchemist
He enjoyed the patronage of prominent patrons and was a painter to the court of the governor of the Southern Netherlands. As with so many artists of this era, he came from a family of artists. A member of the Ryckaert (or Rijckaert) family of artists, he was the son of David Ryckaert II, the grandson of David Ryckaert I, and the nephew of Martin Ryckaert.

The Toothpuller

Rustic Interior

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Carla Ives said...

Mr. Ryckaert is another unknown artist to me. I love this era of Dutch/Flemish artists so I'm not sure just how I missed him! Love that painting of the peasant woman with the cat. The work is beautiful!