Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Gandi was assassinated 70 years ago today.

Today marks 70 years since the assassination of Mohandas Gandhi. A pioneer of peaceful protest, he worked tirelessly for an independent India, but was killed just six months after independence was achieved. This plate features a portrait of Gandhi, and is made from bamboo decorated with black lacquer and gold leaf. The inscriptions around the edge contain some of his sayings (in Tamil): ‘Freedom is a birthright’, ‘Don’t give space to outsiders’, ‘Yield to your enemy’. 


Carla Ives said...

I had seen the Ballet Dancer before, but I never knew who the artist was. I have never even heard of this woman. Sad. Her work is touching. I really love the Black Spanish Family portrait and how she captured their faces. They almost don't look quite real, but the emotion is there.

Carla Ives said...

He was quite an inspiration. While sometimes more is necessary, I wish the protesters of today would follow his non-violent stance. . . but I guess that was for another time.