Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Margaret Fownes-Luttrell

February 07, 2018. Margaret Fownes-Luttrell  (7 February 1726 - 13 August 1766) was an English artist and wife of Henry Fownes Luttrell. Two of her paintings are part of the Dunster Castle collection, now property of the National Trust. She was the heiress of Dunster Castle, under the stipulation in her father's will that her husband should take the additional surname of Luttrell. Four portraits of her exist in Dunster castle and a fifth at Bathealton Court. In this image: Margaret Luttrell (1726 - 1766), Mrs Henry Fownes Luttrell

She is not an artist that I am familiar with and one with very little presence on the web But i think that all women artists should be recognized and acknowledged, regardless of how much of their work survives. From what little I have seen, I'd say her work was in the tradition of 18th century romantic painting. 

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Carla Ives said...

Her name rings a faint bell in my mind, although I'm not sure I've seen her work before. It definitely is traditional, but very nice. I love her rendition of scenery and castles.