Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring in SF

The Japanese Plum tree just burst into blossom between one and the next. I wake up to the sounds of birds warbling all up and down the street and the breeze now has a bit of softness to it. Of course, our winter is very mild compared to those who live further north but as I live in an ancient and unheated Victorian, I will welcome warmer weather. Not hot, mind you, but warmer. I will probably be complaining about the heat in a few months but for now, I'm enjoying the sunshine after a month of rain.

I've been out and about with my camera, taking photos all over the place. I even went to the Ferry Building and walking along the waterfront - didn't see any thing worth photographing but the breeze from the ocean was delightful. I went to see the Theophilis Brown show at Elkins-Ellins and was very disappointed . It was very interesting to see two of his pieces from the late 50's - early 60's where it seemed like he was struggling to integrate Hoffman and De Kooning's ideas into his work. The best work is all on left side of the gallery as you walk in - very nice figurative work with some portraits. But as the work got larger, it became less interesting, stiffer with less juicy paint and much less interesting composition.

The rest of the shows in the building were so-so, nothing to get excited about although I always like seeing what's at the Art Exchange. When I was in one of the galleries, a artist with either a British or Australian accent came in and introduced himself to the woman that runs the gallery. He was extremely polite and soft spoken and wanted to know if she would be interested in looking at his slides, Man, she was rude! She wasn't interested, didn't know of anybody that was interested and was too busy to bother and dismissed him in a very curt manner. I caught up with him and his wife outside and told that that SF was a terrible city to make cold calls and that I didn't think they would have any luck. They were both astonished at the woman's rudeness but I said - well, I'm sorry but she's that way with everybody. I told him that he might try either SF Art Works or Hang on Sutter but if he didn't have a very prestigious resume, to not bother with Hang. I explained that I had worked for a gallery one summer and we got stacks of mail each day from artists, all of which just got thrown away. Unfortunately, I said, SF is very provincial. They thanked me but headed off down the hallway, determined to introduce themselves to every gallery in the building. I know that a lot of artist's advice books tell you do do this but it's really a waste of time.

I went back to Crown Point Press to look again at the Neri show and over to Aurobora Press to look at Rivera's work - both great shows. I must have banged or dropped something on my right foot yesterday because it's very very sore so I came home and intend to veg out. I will be posting a review of both shows somewhat later in the week.

In the meantime, I must finish reading my assignment for my Renaissance Art History class. So far, it's been heavy on one artist (Cellini) but light on everything else. Maybe this is Renaissance lite, 21st century style?


Anonymous said...

Gee does that mean that when I am down there, I just can't drag my paintings into the gallery and show them? :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


namastenancy said...

Well....not that I want to rain on your parade or anything. I'm looking forward to seeing you as well. If you can't reach me by phone (I don't always remember to turn my answering machine on), just e-mail me and we can get together. SF is looking glorious this week. You couldn't have chosen a better time.

Chris Rusak said...

The only thing that's killing me about spring sprunging here in the Bay is all the pollen. Jesus christ my poor sinuses.