Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Manolo Valdez

Retrato con tocado rojo. 1996, Oleo sobre tela (191 x 126 cms) from the website noted below. This is very similar to what I saw at the Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery- a huge painting on burlap, roughly painted with a lot of the raw fabric showing through. I didn't care for it much then but I'd love to revisit the work and see what I think now.
Once a part of the anti-Franco underground art team Equipo Cronica, known for its politically loaded, appropriated imagery, Valdes was the subject of an upcoming museum survey at the Guggenheim Bilbao, Oct. 18, 2002-Jan. 12, 2003. (Art in America, 2003)

Now, these I really like - bookcases! Near and dear to the heart of any bibilophile. (images from the web). I was surprised to find so little about Valdez on the Internet - maybe if I spoke Spanish, I'd have better luck. There's an article in Spanish at this website with some great images:

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