Friday, May 16, 2008

Three Blue Eggs

I was looking out my back window the other day and just happened to look down. There was a bird's nest in the tree below my back porch. The first time I looked, there was only one egg, but the next day there were three. Every time I open the window on the back porch, even if I try to be very quiet, Momma Bird hears me and flies off squawking. She lands on a branch a few feet from the window and scolds me the whole time I'm taking the photo. Do you suppose she wants me to sign a photo release or give her copyright fees?

I had planned to get a bird feeder today to make sure that there is some bird seed for but my energy withered in the continuing onslaught of our heat wave.

Seriously, I know that she's protecting her young from the evil bad in the sky (c'est moi!). So, I try not to disturb her too often. She's still sitting on the nest and I have no idea how long it takes eggs to hatch. Stay tuned for further developments!


Sheree Rensel said...

Those eggs are SO COOL. The pic looks too perfect. The blue is so unexpected. What a great photo! Thanks.

Zoomie said...

What kind of bird is she? Robin? You could try putting up a temporary "blind" on your window (just a piece of fabric or paper) with a hole in it so you could peek at her without disturbing her.

What fun!