Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jane Hammond at the De Young

A much better art show than Chiluly's and guess what - ignored by the local newsrag. This is the kind of work that I wish I could do in my small books. It's truly imaginative, creative and original.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- For nearly two decades, New York artist Jane Hammond has been using a fixed lexicon of 276 images to create paintings and works on paper, both flat and three-dimensional, that layer prints, photocopies, and photographs with collage and handwork. Her visual vocabulary borrows from carnival costume and puppetry, instructional manuals, board games, scrapbooks, maps, and more. Jane Hammond: Paper Work, on view at the de Young Museum through August 31, 2008, presents nearly 30 large-scale works on paper, many of which are unique and culled from private collections.

Hammond’s visual vocabulary of 276 images allows her to explore context and meaning while creating complex combinations of images that enhance the sculptural quality of the work. The range of Hammond’s work in the exhibition includes All Souls (Hefei), one of her exquisite trompe l’oeil butterfly map series; Scrapbook, a large, three-dimensional open book featuring silhouettes, paper doll-like figures, paper flowers, fortunes, feathers, and paper matchbooks; and The Wonderfulness of Downtown, an editioned print combining a map of lower Manhattan, the artist’s home, with a number of photographic images from her neighborhood. “My intention was to use the lexicon of the 276 images in ‘recombinant’ fashion––think DNA––and let myself make any kind of work of art I wanted with them,” says Hammond.

Info from the Art Newsletter
at the De Young from May 3–August 31, 2008
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Zoomie said...

Wow, Nancy, just caught up with all your articles since I've been away and enjoyed each one. Don't always agree (I like Chihuly's work - to me, his ideas are from nature and the critic from the Chron missed that) but I love reading your analysis of things and seeing if I agree. Also, I wasn't going to go to the show at the Asian until I read your ideas - now, I'm sure I will! Thanks for an always-stimulating read!