Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trying to be intentional

not succeeding very well. I interrupt the usual art blogging to bring a bulletin from the real world of random violence that is far too frequent.

Lexington Unitarians honor shooting victims - Fayette County -

Monday night was a time for grieving and healing at Unitarian-Universalist Church of Lexington.

From Greg, the pastor of the SF Unitarian Church:

We are deeply saddened by the tragic shootings at our movement's church in Knoxville. There are so many questions to ask but our immediate response during this time of confusion and grief is to pray for those who have lost loved ones, for those whose lives now hang in the balance, for our brothers and sisters -- especially the children -- who witnessed this act of violence, and for the shooter. Then, when an appropriate course of action emerges, our congregation will put its members and resources in place to assist those who were caught in the crossfire.

Our Unitarian Universalist faith offers both those in Knoxville as well as those here at home a very human approach to a senseless tragedy, and that is this: we cannot change what happened -- that would be a miracle -- but we can respond in ways that demonstrate our commitment to non-violence, our belief in the sanctity of all life, and our capacity for forgiveness. In this way, they will know we are Unitarian Universalists by our love.

I encourage you to be intentional today: be grateful for your own well-being, express your love to family members and friends, be patient with those who make you anxious, and make sure that what you are doing is truly worthy of your time and attention. Take time to be holy, that is, to connect with that which gives you life, by whatever name you choose to call it. Know that in life and death, we are not alone. If you are feeling ill at ease, don't wait to call a member of your church, or one of your ministers; do it now. By faith, together, we can find the peace that passes our understanding and then be the peace that heals our world.

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