Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Grab Bag - a bit of everything

Kenneth Baker (SF Chron's art critic) actually reviews some art. Of course, none of it is from local painters. We aren't good enough for His Highness but it's better than nothing (I guess). The galleries are busting with new shows but Kenny Boy only condescends to review three - one woman (living in NY), one male (dead), another male (German). Gee whiz - am I sensing a trend here?

Eva Lake continues her exploration of being a contemporary artist with marvelous video interviews:

SF Gate has an article on hidden art spaces - interesting article, resourceful artists, (mostly) crappy art: (oh well.)

New reviews up at Bay Area Art Quake

This is depressing: apparently, I'm a cross between Ray Liota and Jamie Lee Curtis as she is today. (link via blog RIghtReading)

My horoscope says that "At this time of year, you will become more concerned with personal matters and less with the world at large." I can't say I agree as I'm watching the poll results between Obama and McCain with mounting horror.

Binnur's Turkish Cookbook has a recipe for strawberry compote that I might try.

One of my favorite food blogs has a recipe for figs and cheese that has me drooling on my keyboard:

New age instrumental music (via Free Albums Galore)
The best of the three is his latest CD, Point of No Return. It is a many layered work that works best on tracks like “Pyraminx” which evokes a cinematic sound

For those who like classical vocals, Charlie Handelmania has a gorgeous selection of Richard Tucker's singing up at:

Election HQ up at Harvard University Press Blog:

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