Thursday, September 4, 2008

Support your local artist..

SF Gate has a long article up about alternative spaces in SF. It's what a lot of us do in order to get our art seen...

"These spaces have the kind of intimacy that allows for a lot of experimentation," says Aimee Le Duc, associate director of the nonprofit art organization Southern Exposure. It has been a leader in supporting such projects; most notably, its Alternative Exposure grant (started in 2007) has this year given $50,000 to 18 galleries, including Invisible Venue, the Spare Room Project, 667 Shotwell and McCaw's space....

Many of the gallerists are artists themselves or have experience in the formal art world, and are frustrated by the available venues.

The range of work shown in these places is wide. Ventures like the Garage and Invisible Venue focus on more ephemeral, performative and emphatically non-salable work, while places like the Partisan Gallery have stuck to traditional art-on-the-wall presentation.

Although some of the house galleries operate strictly by word-of-mouth, many maintain Web sites and post event notices online. For more information on the Southern Exposure grant, go to

Here is a partial list of underground galleries:

Invisible Venue:

The Spare Room Project:

667 Shotwell:

The Garage:

Bathroom Hallway Gallery:

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