Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New series at SFMOMA

Each Thursday evening, one of SFMOMA's curators shares a perspective on a single artwork on view. Talks last 20 minutes and take place in the galleries. This looks like a very interesting series of lectures. Tomorrow night the lecture is given on by Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher on Simon Ungers's Silent Architecture.

“This complex project is a study of four types of civic structure — Library, Theater, Museum and Cathedral — buildings that often employ grandiose architectural gestures in order to become recognizable symbols of the city in which they reside. Comprised of four untreated steel models that recall Minimalist sculpture, austere plans and monumental renderings, Silent Architecture is ideal for opening up several issues within design.”

Some of the exciting topics to come are talks on William Kentridge, whose piece "What Will Come (Has Already Come)" is now up at SF MOMA; Sarah Roberts on Robert Rauschenberg in Matisse and Beyond and John Aarobell on Sargent Johnson's "Forever Free."
Check the website for the complete list:
Image from SF MOMA website

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