Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shows to catch before the end of the month

Squeak Carnwath at John Berggruen
“Aptly titled, Was Am “refers to paintings I WAS doing and paintings I AM doing. ” There is an undeniable continuity in the vocabulary of her work throughout her career that is obvious in the 9 paintings and 2 works on paper on display here – an endurance of symbolism and diaristic expression that allows her work to be easily identifiable, regardless of the year of creation, as a Squeak Carnwath.” (228 Grant Ave)

Dolby Chadwick This is the last week for Joshua Meyer’s intricately and thickly painted abstracts. (210 Post St.)

Catherine Clark – Jim Barsness tantric and Hindu art inspired version of tankas (150 Minna St. between 3rd and New Montgomery)

Davis and Davis: Ring the changes at Marx and Zavverto
A project that started when the two artists began to replace the water intensive garden at their home with drought resistant plants. The resulting images, along with images from NASA and other archives, artistically and ominously document the evidence, results, history, and causes of global warming

Mudassar Manzoor and Attiya Shaukat: Contemporary Miniature Paintings at Frey Norris
In the 1980s the National College of the Arts in Lahore, Pakistan revived the ancient traditional styles of painting from the Mughal, Deccani, Pahari, Rajput and Persian schools. In keeping with these traditions, artists are trained in a precise, exquisitely detailed style of painting that begins with the meticulous crushing and preparing of pigments and other materials, such as hand made paper and hand threaded brushes. Madassar Manzoor and Attiya Shaukat are two up and coming artists from this school, both working with contemporary and often deeply conflicted themes. (456 Geary St.)

It's also the last couple of days to see Ursula O’Farrell richly layered paintings at Toomey Tourell (49 Geary)

and if you want some arts related reading to go with your coffee, read Liz Hagen's post at Venetian Red on the new options for the Fisher Museum at the Presidio. There's even a link to a website where you can post your own opinions:


Sheree Rensel said...

I LOVE the work of Squeak Carnwath! I have never seen it in person. Maybe some day.

namastenancy said...

She doesn't work with a lot of texture or subtle colors so what you see on the web is pretty much what you see in person _ excepting the size, of course. Since her work is so text based, I'm never gotten much emotion out of it but she is unique. Or - should I say - she may not be unique but she's the one in the galleries.