Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Experiments with the New Camera

First of all, does anybody know how to add my Flickr account to the blog template and also, how to link it to a face book posting. HELP!
However, I'm pleased that I've gotten this far. I got the camera yesterday, figured out how to charge the battery, load the battery, take simple photos AND create a Flickr account. Not bad for a 24-hour period.
These are all pastels, done on black charcoal paper. I haven't worked much in pastel so I am having fun, making a mess but not that unhappy with the results.

 I did this piece on red charcoal paper, mounted it on the black charcoal paper and then, extended the image onto the larger sheet of paper.

Here's a close-up with a little better light. I'm obviously still learning about the camera settings.

Starflower - again done on a separate piece of paper, mounted on the black and then, extended the image out of the frame. I like the pale, ghostly effect of this.
This was done directly on the black paper - the red that you see at the top of the frame is some of the cardboard that I put on top of my drawing board to protect the wood from messy accidents.


Zoomie said...

Nancy, these are really cool - I like the unusual color choices and the real/unreal sense they give. Do more pastels - they seem like a good medium for you to explore. Messy, I imagine, but very immediate. Sorry I can't help you with the camera questions.

Anna L. Conti said...

Looks great, Nancy! (Both the artwork and the photos.)

namastenancy said...

Thank you both so much! I always appreciate comments. When they are from an artist and one who worked at SFAI, they mean a lot to me.
Now, how do I get that darn Flickr icon on my blog!

dargie said...

I'm really liking this new work of yours, and I think that pastel is a good medium for you to be exploring. It's warmer than your painting, and softer (well obviously that would be the case between pastel and acrylic or oil) and you're giving these a richness I haven't seen in a lot of the more recent painting.

Apropos of the Flicker thing. I don't know how to install it into Blogger, but Flicker has pages of widgets for this sort of thing, and one of them may have detailed instructions. Just go to Flickr and look at the App Garden. Check out Flickr sidebar and see if they suggest any related apps as well.

namastenancy said...

Thank you! Every once in a while I feel like I've another turn in my art road and these feel like that. I'm also working on huge watercolors of Greek statues and think that my brushwork is freer and more vigorous than ever before. At least, that's what *I* think!

Kelly @ Impowerage said...

Have you figured out the flickr thing yet? If you want to just link to your flickr account you should be able to do that through your blog set up and link to it from a widget on the sidebar.