Friday, May 7, 2010

New pieces up at the on the various MFA Shows

From Monica Lundy's show at Mills College (up until the end of the month)
New pieces up at the Examiner on the various MFA shows.

 Erika Meriaux: "Greek Myths" at Femina Potens (2199 Market St, SF -through May 30, 2010) 
I do and don't like her work. It fascinates and yet repels me at the same time.  She tackles topics that fascinate me - mythology, tarot - but I haven't connected emotionally with the paintings and I'm not sure why. Still, she's worth checking out. Femina Potens is a "real" feminist gallery and art space - it's always cutting edge, featuring transgressive works and in your face installations, workshops and lectures. A lot of spaces claim to be feminist or transgender but Femina Potens is the real deal. 

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