Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alexandra Blum: Silhouettes and Conversations at the De Young Artist Studio

When I visited the De Young on Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra Blum. A lot of people are intimidated by art, artists and the whole process of making art. Her method - to trace a person's silhouette while talking to them about their experience at the De Young - is designed to alleviate all those anxieties. Not only is she personable and charming, she's also an accomplished artist. I didn't have that much time to talk to her because other people kept coming in and interrupting us (the nerve!). The artist-in-residence room at the De Young is a large, well-lit space and she's made the most of it with a display of her work along one wall. There are three large Plexiglas booths along the other wall with an constantly changing exhibit of her pieces.

Alexandra Blum. "Girl." 2009. Monoprint, photograph @ Art Hazlewood

From the artist’s statement: "My images are derived from childhood memories, images, fables, and myths. Characters float in fantastic color- saturated worlds. I process and distill ideas and images with each pass through the press. The colors build, are covered, and reformed into new shapes, as the image disintegrates and evolves, like the recall of a dream."

Closing reception August 29, 2010

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