Friday, August 27, 2010

Faye Robinson

I am interrupting my usual art reporting to write a note of love and appreciation at the passing of a very special lady. When I returned to church several years ago (never mind the eclectic nature of my beliefs), Faye was always warm and welcoming. Whenever I needed to talk to somebody full of down-to-earth wisdom, I knew that I could turn to her. It was her advice that helped me get through my last difficult years at UC for malicious and treacherous bosses were no secret to her. She was our "birthday lady”, making sure there was a birthday cake for coffee hour on the last Sunday of each month to celebrate with members. Who can forget her lead in to sing Happy Birthday, “Everybody ready? OK. Give it a one, a two, a three!” and sing it happy!"

She has been ill for some time so I haven't been able to see her and I knew that she was reaching the end of her life. She came out of a time when African-Americans were treated very badly and had every reason to be angry and bitter. Yet she never lost her dignity, her compassion and her all-encompassing love. In many ways, she was the mother of our congregation and the mother that many of us wished we had. She died peacefully at home with her family around her. We were asked to have a prayer ritual for her in the church courtyard that day and, as it happens, when we were remembering our beloved sister, she passed from us. I - and many others - will miss her dreadfully.The earth is the poorer for her passing.

Where ever you are, you are at rest and no longer in pain. Be with the God that you so deeply believed in. Go in peace.

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Zoomie said...

Nancy, my heart goes out to you. Lovely tribute.